Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nearing the NBA Finals

So we are now down to four teams vying for the 2008 NBA crown. As of this writing, defending champions San Antonio Spurs are in the brink of bowing out to the Los Angeles Lakers, who leads the Western Conference Finals series 3-1. In the Eastern Conference Finals, Boston Celtics will have the chance snip Detroit Piston’s chances of making it to the Finals in 4 games to 2.

Though the Lakers look mighty strong with their lineup, anyone in the world of sports knows that is plainly wrong to underestimate the heart of a champion. The Spurs will give it their all come Game 5 this Thursday, May 29. But can the Spurs win Game 5 and bring the series back to San Antonio? Or will the Lakers wrap the series? We will find out tomorrow.

The acquisition of KG and Ray Allen proved to be a very good move for the Celtics franchise. And the Green men might close the series in six games this Saturday. But personally, I think the Pistons have the upper hand. Their core players have championship experience in contrast to the young gunners of Boston. And the Pistons will be playing in their own turf. From every angle, it’s anybody’s ball game.