Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Boston clinches 17th NBA Title

After 22 years, the Boston Celtics revel in their glory once more. This time, it’s Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen who led the green machines from Massachusetts to their 17th NBA title. Garnett and Allen were relentless on their offensive as they scorched the court with 26 points each. Pierce added 17.

Kobe Bryant, who went out strong in the opening quarter, fizzled as the game went down the wire, missing 7 shots in a row. He was simply overwhelmed by Boston’s impressive defense. He stated after the game that the defense put up by Boston was “definitely the nest defense I’ve ever seen.”Bryant finished the game with 22 point, hitting 7 out of 22 attempts.

Pierce, named the Finals MVP, performed remarkably despite sustaining an ankle injury in Game 1. Hall-of Famer Bill Russell, former center of the Boston Celtics during the team’s heydays, found Garnett and both embraced each other.

“I got my own. I got my own,” Garnett said to Russell. “I hope we made you proud.”

“You sure did,” was Russell’s reply.