Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Good Racket Buys

Although brands like Yonex, Carlton, and Prince commands attention in badminton, starters and novices need not purchase them yet. As much as I believe that better rackets give a player the advantage, aside from the cool factor it brings, expensive gears are no use if you don’t have the basics seared in your brains.

However, for newbies who wants to own a decent badminton racket, there are many low-priced names in the market. Respectable? Yes. Popular? Not so. But even though you may not sport the latest racket, these sets of metal gear will definitely make your game solid.

Gosen Titanium X50


shaft is 100% graphite; ultra lightweight


18-20 lbs

Price (in Philippine Pes

os): PhP 825.00

Prince Tazer

Description: Y-joint

Tension: 18-25 lbs

Price (in Philippine Pesos): PhP 799.00

Kason BOOM

Description: Lightweight

Tension: 20-25 lbs

Price (in Philippine Pesos): PhP 1,099.00

Thundernex Racketsthey are still relatively new to the market but their rackets are good as far as I am concerned.