Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lethal Combination is Set

Can reigning WBC Lightweight champion David Diaz take hit after hit from a boxer whose punches feel like the freight train crashing on a wall? Can WBC Super Featherweight Champion Manny Pacquiao prove he is ready to take another echelon in boxing’s standards?

Many doubt that Diaz can handle the slugger from the Philippines, predicting him to get edged with a knockout. Diaz thinks otherwise. He is training hard to bring down a legend that has sent his fellow Mexicans crashing to the canvas and taste the bitterness of defeat. David Diaz defeated a boxing icon in Erik ‘El Terible’ Morales. He says he will do so again with the much stellar Pacquiao.

Like Diaz, Manny Pacquiao bested Morales in two bouts, both by knockout. And he plans to add David Diaz in his list of defeated Mexican boxers. Pacquiao promised he will put a good gifht. There is no doubt about that. But like Diaz, Pacquiao also has his shares of non-believers. He was never tested in the 135-lb division. His first fight in lightweight will be against a reigning champion. The odds are against Pacquiao, so they say. But Pacquiao says he will be out to prove his doubters wrong.

June 28, 2008 is a marked day in the boxing world. It’s Manny ‘The Pac-Man’ Pacquiao against David ‘Dangerous’ Diaz. Two champions. One victor. Lethal Combination is coming.