Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pacquiao Versus Valero

While it seems still a little early to make some predictions for the November 8 bout between WBC Lightweight champion Manny ‘The Pac-Man’ Pacquiao and WBO Super Featherweight champion Edwin ‘Mr. KO’ Valero, I opt to jump on the bandwagon and create some plausible scenarios should the fight pushes through. But my verdict is a Pacquiao victory by knockout in the 8th round.

Valero has power, but it seems he had never tested that power on any formidable foes. He may have a perfect record of 24-0 and a 100% knockout percentage, but the question people are likely to ask, “Who has he beaten?” He may have 24 boxers punched out cold by his hands, most of them before the end of the first round. But then he is going against Pacquiao, who as we all know can take a punch and possesses a strong chin. Valero, if he wants to earn more than just bragging rights, must start training as early as today.

Pacquiao, as we all witnessed in Lethal Combination, has metamorphosed into the proverbial ‘complete’ fighter. No more a brawler, Pacquiao has evolved into a technical fighter packed with blinding speed and booming power. From all angles, the clash with Valero is one case of an ultimate mismatch. Should he want to give fight fans their money’s worth, he will likely carry Valero until the 8th, strafing him punches powerful enough to stagger poor Valero but soft enough to egg the guyto continue. Pacquiao will then ice Valero before the end of the 8th.