Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Losing After 32 Minutes in The Olympics Means Eating, Shopping, and Watching Sport

I am a big sucker for badminton. That I pretty much admit. But I haven’t tuned in to the Olympics lately so I’ll just try my very earnest to give you some updates on the badminton scene.

Though it’s really tough to lose, someone has got to go first. In just 32 minutes of badminton action, Olympic hopes for Australian shuttle smasher Erin Caroll were literally smashed by Spaniard Yaona Martinez. The 22-year old brunette from the Land Down Under only scored 8 points with the shuttle in her possession.

Asked how she felt after becoming the first loser in the Beijing Olympics, she replied that it was already an honor for her to represent Australia to this event. I find it hard to believe, especially since Australians never like to lose. Anyway, she said she’s not going home just yet. Caroll plans to spend the remainder of the games doing what she loves: eating, shopping, and watching sport.

Good way to go for a first first-round loser.