Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Unknown Shoe Brands Kick

Being an athlete since my high school years, I am an absolute nut when it comes to getting and wearing the coolest set of kicks. I did have my share of saving a huge deal of pocket money just to buy the latest pairs of the Nikes, the Pumas, and the Converse.

During the course of my athletic career, which consists of 10 years of basketball and 3 years in badminton (and counting), I came to realize that some unheralded shoe brands that lurk in the foot stalls of our malls can really compete in terms of optimum performance when pitted against the giants of the industry.

My first pair of basketball shoes was Kaypee, which I purchased way back in 1997. Although the Kaypee of today are reduced to short of nothing, mine did exceptionally well and lasted for over a year. I used them every day, mind you.

The second pair I had was Sprandi, which I bought during the later part of 1998. It was a great pair and I had a great time with it. By 2000, I switched to Fila, then to Avia, and ultimately to Nike.

By 2004, I switched to badminton after a freak accident that prevented me from engaging very physical sports, basketball included. My first pair of badminton shoes was a brand called Athletic. I still wear them to office today.

Currently, I am wearing a pair of Anta shoes for the taraflex. My Anta kicks are designed for running. But they do work well on a rubberized badminton court.