Monday, September 22, 2008

The 5 Greatest Point Guards of All Time

#5 Steve Nash

A lot of people doubted Nash when Phoenix Suns chose him, a relative unknown, in the 1996 NBA Draft. But a few people realized that he already was a superstar in his own right, leading both his high and college basketball teams to the top of the pedestal. A master of the running game, a wizard of passing, and a 2-time MVP, what Nash needs now is a championship ring to cap his much storied career.

#4 John Stockton

Some might call him dirty, especially when he is on defense. But Stockton is the quintessential point guard when it comes to the Pick-and-Roll. A capable scorer and an excellent playmaker, Stockton will go down as one of those who deserve a championship but didn’t. But for Stockton fans, he is NBA’s leader in career assists and steals.

#3 Bob Cousy

The Innovator. At least that’s what I would like to call him. He created moves that were light years ahead of his time. He may have a bad start with the NBA, but he quickly established himself as one of the most perennial point guards of all time.

#2 Gary Payton

The significant half of the ‘Sonic Boom’, the other being Shawn Kemp, Payton led the Seattle Supersonics with the tenacity never seen in other players. While a very efficient scorer and passer, Payton is widely known for very tight defense, a skill that brought him notable recognitions. But the greatest compliment he ever received? Hall of Famer Gail Goodrich telling everyone Payton is the complete point guard.

#1 Magic Johnson

The only other point guard who can dominate all five positions (the other being Toni Kukoc. However, Kukoc started as a small forward), Magic’s deft for scoring and dazzling passes makes him one of the most entertaining point guards. In addition to the 5 NBA titles and other awards, what makes him the best is the fact that he carried an already established powerhouse to a new level of greatness in his rookie season. Too bad HIV took a peek.


xzellenz said...

steve nash is number 5 all-time? c'mon now.. he's been good only for the pst 3 years for a free-wheeling, shoot-til-you-drop team.. he's great offensively, stinks defensively, and hasn't gotten his team past the WCF even once.. gary payton was a great two-way player, indeed, but number 2 all-time? i don't think so..

perhaps you forgot about a guy named jason kidd? he's done more than nash..or may be a guy named isiah thomas? he's got two rings..or even a triple-double machine named oscar robertson? he AVERAGED a triple-double in a season!

oh, and i vehemently disagree with you on your point about toni kukoc..i'd take your list, but kukoc being a dominant player? c'mon, friend..not even in my dreams did i see that dude dominate..he couldn't score more than 20 a game and he couldn't even guard anyone for crying out loud...or in the words of nba analyst jay bilas, "he can't even guard the chair i'm sitting in.."

Kerry Rittenhouse said...

that's how i see it.
besides, this is a very biased listing (and i am no fan of jason kidd).
thanks for the comment though.