Monday, September 1, 2008

Ben Gordon Gone? So what?

With Ben Gordon no longer donning the Chicago Bulls jersey next season, how will the Chicago Bulls fill the void? While probably this is the most asked question by any Bulls fan, it is not that hard to answer.

Admittedly, Ben Gordon, though an effective scorer, is a selfish player. There are moments when he hogs the ball too much, dribbles a tad more, or goes airborne and commits a turnover because he has nowhere else to go. In all simplicity, Gordon is a selfish player. The only good thing about him is that he led the Bulls in scoring.

Chicago Bulls sans Ben Gordon will have to make a lot of adjustments to their rotations and their system, but the Bulls have Grade-A players who can take Gordon’s place in terms of performance, both on defense and offense. They just need some extra shoving.

Kirk Heinrich still has some load left in him. That guy can play, no doubt. Not as offensive minded as Gordon but he can really dish out when it is needed. He can play pint, though not yet in the league of Magic Johnson or John Stockton, and he can score as well. With Gordon gone, Heinrich is now at a spot where he can shine much brighter.

Luol Deng is a presence to reckon with. An efficient post player whether on the offense or D, Deng can pour when it rains. Gordon’s decision to leave the Bulls spares the team from the hype and drama of having star players entertaining thoughts of limited play time or contract security.

Derrick Rose is a fine addition to the team, but he has a lot to learn from the veterans. Don’t get me wrong, rookies are getting better and better every year. But the point is, they are still rookies. Rose, surrounded by experienced players, will have a lot to jot down for Basketball 101. Given time, Rose will rise to stardom and help the Bulls etch their names in history books once more.

Although we cannot say for sure whether the Bulls will going to make run this year under inexperienced coach Vinny Del Negro, but what Del Negro can bring to the table is irrelevant at this point. He has a team that can score at will. The only question for Coach Del Negro is whether his bunch of young players to listen to every word he has to say. If the coach can get him to do just that, I believe the Bulls will be an underdog to watch out for.