Monday, September 29, 2008

Blades for 2008

The prices may be high but the adrenaline rush they bring is a lot higher. These latest rollers out in the market today are just a few of the brood from whence they came.

The Rollerblade Racemachine is one pair every skater wants to own. Made of the toughest materials with the fusion of comfort and extreme stability, this pair will go down as one of Santa’s most requested present, now that Christmas is less than 100 days ahead. Perhaps the young skater’s wettest dream, the Racemachine’s price can be drop any jaws. Even Santa’s.

Price: $499.00

The Rollerblade Speedmachine may not be as pricey as the Racemachine, but it still can strain some wallets and wrung those pockets dry. Even so, the Speedmachine’s latest features and coolness factor are all worth it. Just make sure you know how to skate before cashing out on this one.

Price: $399.00

For the cheapskates and stringers alike, fret not. The Rollerblade Astro is specifically designed to accommodate those who cannot own a decent pair of skates without robbing a bank. The Astro is also made of strong materials, parades nice features, and provide smooth cruising and a great amount of air.

Price: $60.99


edu_rittenhouse said...

rollerblades? so like 90's

everybody say JOLOGS!