Thursday, September 4, 2008

Skim Boarding in The Philippines

Water sports in the Philippines are starting to take some roots and growing in a steady pace. While the number of water sports enthusiasts, surfers and wake boarders in particular, are still put at the minimum, their horde will definitely increase in a few months time. However, not all beaches in the Philippines have big waves like the ones in Siargao Island, nor all Filipino water sport junkies have the moolah to splurge on the wake boarding facility in Camarines Sur.

Behold the ingenuity of the Filipino mind – skim boarding.

Though not a product of Filipino brilliance, skim boarding offers Filipino a taste of pure water fun without waiting for the big waves or hitching on a streaking speed boat / cable tow. Skim boards, unlike the conventional surf boards, does not require extreme buoyancy and are thinner, smaller, and lighter. Also, a stunning difference between the two is that skim boarding can be done on shallow waters. A lake or a pond can be a skim boarder’s haven, per se.

Since the sport’s arrival, many Filipinos have got hooked to it. With the country’s majestic beaches, skim boarding is having a boom time here. Check out some of the Philippine beaches and you might get lucky with one of the increasing numbers of Filipinas in love with their skim boards.


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