Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Dream Match: Blow by Blow

Hello boxing fans!

I know you’re all giddy about the upcoming ‘Dream Match’ between Manny ‘The PacMan’ Pacquiao and Oscar ‘The Golden Boy’ Dela Hoya. Well, so am I. I know it’s still over a month away but I am happy to announce that the Frustrated Sports Analyst will provide a blow by blow report on the said match.

Log in to The Frustrated Sports Analyst on fight night, December 6, 2008 and get the freshest tidbits on the fight every round. You’ll never miss a right hook, an uppercut, and even the famed ‘Manila Ice’.

This undertaking is my way of delivering the fight as fresh as it can be to those who can’t afford PPV.

So log in on December 6 and never miss a thing. As I said, The Frustrated Sports Analyst will deliver everything that transpires on the ring as it happens. Even what round girl is wearing.