Monday, October 27, 2008

Sexiest Women Athletes Of All Time

Before I start raving about the sexiest women from the world of sport, let me announce that this is a very biased list and that I put these girls here because I see them sexy. Now that we are past that, let us begin, shall we?

5. Leila Barros

She stormed the volleyball scene with powerful spikes back in the mid-90s. But aside from that, Leila stormed the hearts of men and even made converts with those who despised volleyball with her slender body and Brazilian beauty. Switching to beach volleyball in 2000 even drove men into frenzy, with Leila wearing skimpy bikini while trumping oppositions with her graceful yet unforgiving blows.
4. Mikee Cojuangco

A member of the prominent Filipino family, the Cojuangco Clan, Mikee started to show flair in equestrian at age 6, but was only allowed to take lessons when she reach 10. Mikee did not dominate the sport, but she managed to cap her athletic career with a Gold Medal finish in the 2002Asian Games in Busan.

3. Maria Sharapova

One of the most dominant figures in the world of tennis today, Sharapova is beautiful as she is deadly with a tennis racket. Blame it on well-programmed conditioning, that slender Russian tennis star can knock you off your feet with a serve, literally.

2. Michelle Kwan

A lot of people do not deem figure skating as a sport, and so do I. But that does not stop me from putting figure skating’s most beautiful face on my list. After all, maintain balance while doing tricks on ice is hard work. But I think nobody would disagree if I say that safeguarding a pretty face while doing tricks on ice is harder.

1. Anna Ivanovic

World’s current #1 player from the women’s division, Anna Ivanovic is more than a stunner. Armed with a fast serve and smashing backhands, Anna deserves to be on top. But her looks alone are enough to get her on the top of my list and be named the sexiest woman athlete of all time.


edu_rittenhouse said...

what? no anna kournikova? tsk tsk...

please include chinggay andrada! lol

Kerry Rittenhouse said...

dude, chinggay andrada is noy an athlete!