Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pacquiao Will Win If…

· De La Hoya is stupid enough to not use the jab, which is highly unlikely;
· He attacks the body and wears down De La Hoya’s gas tank, which is hard thing to do;
· Somebody puts some ants in De la Hoya’s gloves (but don’t let De la Hoya find out who did it);
· He secretly delivers his ‘Manila Ice’ straight to De La Hoya’s balls and gets away with it (the height advantage makes it difficult to get to De La Hoya’s head);
· He wears boxing boots with five inch-soles to compensate for the height mismatch;
· If the round girls wear fish net stockings;
· Filipino fans bring large posters with De La Hoya wearing fish net stockings;
· He keeps on running to tire De La Hoya out – THE GUY HAS SPEED!
· He keeps on making the sign of the cross every time he lands a power punch – THE GUY IS RELIGIOUS TOO!
· He attends mass right before his fight;
· If his mama prays 20 novenas fervently during the fight.


Anonymous said...


I am glad he won. And I loved this article about it.

Kerry said...

Great and convincing win for the Pacman! I bet and netted a grand on the Pacman.

My prediction was Pacman within 10 rounds. I didn't expect for Pacman to win much earlier but still, it's good.

Hatton's next on the list and then Mayweather if he comes out of retirement.