Friday, January 30, 2009

OKC Thunder Growing and Durant Maturing

Let’s face the facts; OKC Thunder has the league’s worst uniforms, worst logo, and the biggest bunch of rookies in one team. They might not be the best team in the league right now, but the OKC Thunder is hanging in there. And so is Kevin Durant.

Durant has found himself in a team that needs him as much as he needs it. With recent string of victories happening for the Thunder, many have changed their impression on a team that has been a cellar dweller since the start of the season. Thunder may not win the championship this season, but they suck no longer. Durant, along with forward Jeff Green and guard Russell Westbrook, has provided the firepower and much needed hustle to get the Thunder clapping.

The good thing about them is that they are a bunch of fresh legs.

No, saying that the Thunder is a good team would be an overstatement. But they are not mediocre either. They are growing, and their last game against the Memphis Grizzlies has been the team’s validation of their growth. Clinching an impressive after blowing a sizeable lead late in the fourth quarter may not be new for a superstar team, but OKC Thunder is no way near super. Yet they won.

Durant, who has led the Thunder since the beginning, has found himself a hole where he can establish himself into a legitimate superstar and become one of the best. As for the Thunder, they still have many seasons to go before they could potentially nab a title, but know this – they no longer suck.