Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why Darchinyan Must Face Donaire

I want to see Vic “Raging Bull” Darchinyan go up against Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire one more time. And it is just the right thing to do. Darchinyan, whose record now stands at 32-1-1, with 26 KOs, have rebounded beautifully from the loss he suffered from Donaire, whose brother Glenn he defeated prior to their fight. But a loss is still a loss and his is still unavenged.

Donaire, the reigning IBF and IBO world flyweight champion with a record of 20-1, 13 KOs, did not have much fights and only defended his title twice after his stoppage of Darchinyan– first against Luis Maldonado of Mexico and Moruti Mthalane. Donaire is currently preparing against Montiel.

Darchinyan has bested a lot of world-class fighters and his recent victims include Cristian Mijares and Jorge Arce., both of whom suffered terrible beating from the Australian-Armenian. With the win, Darchinyan now is the holder of the WBC and WBA super flyweight championship and the IBF Junior Bantamweight championship. But the fact that he has to settle a score with Donaire has left a chapter unclosed for Darchinyan.

Get Donaire and Darchinyan together again – this is the shoutout from most boxing fans who love to see a good fight from two of boxing’s exciting fighters. Sadly, promoters are meddling with what the fans want. Gary Shaw, Darchinyan’s promoter, was fired by Donaire after the latter didn’t get shots against other champions of the flyweight division. Shaw said that a rematch between the two is farfetched, revealing that issues between him and Donaire are the major reasons why a second match between the two is unlikely to happen.

I wonder whether Darchinyan gets through a day without thinking of avenging his loss to Donaire or he has nightmares of that counter left hook. That loss, I believe, still haunts Darchinyan and the only way to get out of it is to face Donaire one more time.

If Darchinyan is a true champion, then he must pursue Donaire and give him a beating. This desire should not be for the money, but for personal vindication and reestablishment that he is the best in the lower weight classes.