Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Darchinyan, JMM, and Khan: Winners All

A lot of great fights happened lately and sadly, I was not able to see them in their full glory. Thanks to YouTube, I got a series of replays and here are my takes (late, I know, but I will still write about them).

Vic Darchinyan vs. Jorge Arce
A classic match that featured probably one of the most hated names of the sport and one of the most durable fighters ever, Vic’s power was simply overwhelming, as he dominated and lorded over Jorge from rounds 1 to 11. While Arce did not eat the canvas, he got no answer to the power punches unleashed by the man they call the Raging Bull.With the win, Vic’s record now stands at 32-1-1, 25 KOs.
While many fight fans want Vic battle it out with Donaire one more time, promoter Gary Shaw said there’s no chance that a Darchinyan-Donaire rematch is going to happen.
Come on, Shaw. Give us what we want.
Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Juan Diaz
This is the mega bout that bolstered the need to pit Marquez with Pacquiao again. JMM shone brightly in this fight, absorbing a brutal beating from Diaz during the early rounds and weathered through it all to give his opponent a beatdown in the late rounds. Marquez’s flair for counter-punching really surfaced in this fight and eventually won the fight when the referee waved an end to the fight after Marquez decked Diaz twice in the ninth round. Marquez is now the undisputed lightweight champion, holding the WBO, WBA, IBO, and the Ring Lightweight belts. Marquez’s record elevated to 50-4-1.
While he called out Mayweather after his win, majority of the fight fans are itching for a third showdown between Marquez and Manny Pacquiao.
Marco Antonio Barrera vs. Amir Khan
This is a classic match between an old and battered warrior against a much younger, quicker, and capable fighter. I'm going to took my money and bet online for Khan. Barrera, aged 35, fought great in this fight with the youthful Khan. However, Barrera’s age seemed to be catching up, as he was unable to keep up with Khan during the fight. A clash of head resulted to a deep cut in the first round and has affected how the Mexican performed, but that won’t hide the fact that Barrera is old and now a shadow of his once great self. Khan was elusive yet very accurate puncher that night, almost landing his shots at will.
Winning against a future Hall of Famer is just a sign of good things coming Khan’s way. With Roach training him, there’s just no other way for this young lightweight from Britain but up. As for Barrera, I guess it’s high time to hang those gloves. You gave us a string of great fights and your achievements will always be remembered.