Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Brave Shane Mosley

Being the current top-ranking welterweight may have its perks, but Shane Mosley seems to have trouble finding some quality time being the best boxer in the 147-lbs division. First, Mayweather have dogged him by picking lightweight kingpin Juan Manuel Marquez for his return bout on July 17th. Second, fellow welterweight champion Miguel Cotto already has a date with Joshua Clottey for the former’s title defense. Third, pound-for-pound top dog Manny Pacquiao will only fight him if Mosley drops to 142 lbs.

With all the best fighters in his division currently occupied or presenting him with certain conditions, what is Mosley left to do? He is a true champion who deserves a mega-fight with someone of top quality, especially after handing the invincible Antonio Margarito his first loss in a convincing fashion.

With no possible fights looming in the horizon, Mosley decided to take a dangerous route towards greatness – agreeing to Pacquiao’s terms.

At a catch weight of 142 lbs, Pacquiao is still a dangerous boxer. He has shown in his last two outings that he can outbox and overpower men who are physically bigger and deemed stronger than him. And those last two fights were more than impressive so to speak. Pacquiao has the ability to carry his amazing speed and subtle power at any weight class and has not yet been defeated since he fought as a lightweight (130 lbs).

On the other hand, it has been a long time since Mosley fought below 147 and dropping five pounds will take a lot of his speed and power away from him. Age may also come to play here. Should they meet on October 17th, Mosley will be 38 years old, eight years older than the Pacman. He may be taller and bigger than Pacquiao come fight night, but he may have all odds against him.

Considering all that, I can’t help but admire Shane Mosley’s determination to prove that he still has what it takes to be with the best. He may have 5 losses and be in danger of having 6 should the fight with Pacquiao pushed through, but in the eyes of an ordinary fan, Mosley will be remembered as a guy who had the guts to willingly face a strong adversary despite all the odds stacked against him.

He will be forever known as the Brave Shane Mosley, true boxing champion.

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Rob said...

Shane Mosley deserves a shot at Pacquiao. He is the number one welterweight right now and a champion at that. I believe that's what fight fans wants.