Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Little Preview on the NCAA

2009 college football is lurking its head in the corner. Official start of the NCAA football season is on September 3rd. Here is a quick and short look into the College Football Schedule once the playing field is declared open for tackles and touchdowns:

South Carolina vs. North Carolina

Troy vs. Bowling Green

Coastal Carolina vs. Kent State

North Texas vs. Ball State

North Dakota State vs. Iowa State

Eastern Kentucky vs. Indiana

Oregon vs. Boise State

If you really believe in College Football Power Rankings, then never bet against the Florida Gators. They have an awesome lineup and their last year’s performance was just superb. Adding to the Gator’s fray are Brandon Spikes, who will be the point man for the defense, and Tim Tebow, who will take his place again as the team’s QB.

Another force to reckon with when the 2009 college football season starts is the Texas Longhorns. This team has been rolling and this season, they might just do more than roll. With Colt McCoy leading the way for the Longhorns after a good year last season (3,859 passing yards, 34 TDs, 561 rushing yards, 11 rushing TDs), there is no way but up for this fella.

The Oklahoma Sooners is also slated to do well this year. Sporting the best offensive line ever, there is no doubt what this team could do – roll out and roll heavy.

Betting lines will be packed, as always. But remember that the first half results do not indicate who will win. You might need some Second half betting advice if you want those Benjamins after the clock runs out. You need to do some analysis and check how a team fares in the second half. Usually, the team with the tightest defense of the night wins. Better check the power rankings as well.