Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Few Pointers in Making Pro Football Predictions

Making predictions and being accurate at them makes a lot of money. Fortune tellers and astrologers have been doing that. On the world of sports, bookers and betting gurus are making use of predicting games and computing football odds and labeling the winners before a game kicks off.

If you are a football fan, doing your rounds of college football predictions all the way to the pros can make you rich in no time. That is if you get things right. Making accurate NFL predictions is a lucrative trade. But how do you make your predictions as precise as they can get?

Luck certainly has a lot to do with making predictions, but so are other things. And sometimes, facts play important roles in creating those predictions.

First thing you need to understand when you try your hand as to who will between this team or that is their last five games. Who won more? Who was dominant in their last five outings? How did they finish their games? Generally speaking, a team on a roll is likely to win, even if they are up against quality opposition.

Age is a factor as well. However, balance is the key when you make a prediction based on how many fresh legs and veterans a team has in its roster. A team laden with rookies will certainly have the advantage in speed, strength, and other physical attributes but loses out in terms of experience and playing guile. A team composed mainly of veterans may have football wisdom in their heads, but may lack the physical properties to impose their will. A well-rounded team with regards to age is likely to win.

There are a lot of factors that come into play when making your prediction – quality of players, injuries, team chemistry, and track record must be viewed thoroughly before you declare who will win in the next game. Just remember though, if you keep on doing things right, you are bound to make a mistake. Not all predictions happen as you supposed them to be.