Monday, September 7, 2009

The Dynamite Essence

For all reasons and their worth, I wanted Juan Manuel Marquez to knock the hell out of Floyd Mayweather, Jr., come September 19th in Las Vegas. I have great admiration for JMM despite his sour graping rants over the controversial results of his bouts with Pacquiao. He is a legend of the sport and will definitely have his name carved in the Hall of Fame when the time comes.

But after watching the second episode of Mayweather-Marquez 24/7, I do not know whether I should react violently in disgust or let my fanatic appreciation on the man they call “Dinamita” grow exponentially. I know lots of men who have went far out of their way to gain the upper hand in every athletic contest.

Swimmers wear sharkskin suits to give them speed when gliding through water. Tennis players get the best racquets in the world so they can register a 90-mile per hour serve. Heck, even Tiger Woods has a constant supply of energy drink to keep him putting those birdies.

But drinking your own urine? Man, “Dinamita” just blew me away by watching him piss into a glass and made himself a shot of himself. Might as well call it the ‘Dynamite Essence.” And the really freaky thing about it is that Juan Manuel Marquez never batted an eyelid, no signs of gross reactions.

Marquez justified his action by stating that bladder juice contains proteins and nutrients. I say so does protein shakes and food supplements.

I still do not know how to react. Perhaps if he wins against Mayweather, I might consider making a potion made of my own spleen.