Monday, January 4, 2010

Online Thread Reignites Donaire-Viloria Feud

Apparently, there are still some kinks between two Filipino champions Nonito Donaire Jr. and Brian Viloria. It can be recalled that Viloria beat Donaire and his brother Glenn in the finals of the 2000 US Olympic eliminations.

But after turning professional, it was Donaire who enjoyed large mainstream success both in and out of the ring while Viloria, due to losses in his major fights, slightly faded from the limelight. The feud between the two kicked off when Donaire directly dismissed Viloria and saying the native from Hawaii is not on his (Donaire’s) level and has nothing to offer him.

But Donaire was quick to apologize, reasoning that he was exhausted during the interview. Donaire said, “"Well I guess there is still some bad blood then. I apologized already for saying that he wasn't on my level and explained that I was just cutting weight and tired when that interview came.”

Everything seemed to be going all right for Donaire and Viloria when a thread started by Erica Navarro, Brian Viloria’s live-in partner, in a social networking site reignited the row between the two world class champions.

In her thread, Navarro blasted a certain fighter for hiring a certain trainer. Navarro and her friends went as far as calling this fighter names, including loser and copycat. Boxing insiders believe that she is referring to Donaire and his move on hiring Roberto Garcia, Viloria’s trainer, as part of his team.

Navarro posted the thread on December 21, 2009 when she and Brian learned that Garcia would miss a training day to appear at the press conference of Pinoy Power 3 / Latin Fury 13, which will be held on February 13, 2010, at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Donaire is slated to fight knockout artist Gerson “El Nene” Guerrero as one of the main bouts.

For his part, Donaire only hired Garcia as his strategist on the suggestion of his manager, Cameron Dunkin.

“I didn't think I was stepping on any one's toes hiring Robert,” Donaire commented. “Just like Freddie (Roach), I figured Robert could coach whoever he wanted. I mean he coaches my friend, Steven Luevano, a world champion, as well."

Donaire further clarified, "I just don't see what the big deal or problem is. Robert Garcia will be my strategist, not trainer at this time."

Rachel Marcial-Donaire, ever the faithful and loyal wife, came to her husband’s defense. "Well, I thought we were all friends so it's kinda sad,” said a disappointed Rachel. “I mean we invited them to all our outings, to the dinner in Manila, and we make sure if Nonito is recognized as a world champion, so is Brian."

She punctuated her piece saying, “But I'm glad I found out what she really thinks of us. I mean name-calling us "copycats"? Isn't that a high school thing?”

Article is originally published at Boxers' Camp.