Monday, January 4, 2010

Top Three NFL PLayers Entering 2010

Tony Romo, Quarterback, Dallas Cowboys. Romo never ended his impressive streak through the final stretch of the season, capping his total output with a 24-of-34 for 311 yards and a couple of touchdowns and perhaps an entry to the NFL Playoff Brackets. Consequently, Romo's performance ratings havebeen over 1000 for the five of the last six weeks. For critics who have been shouting "Romo can't win when it counts!" are served with the Silence Pie.

Jamaal Charles, Running Back, Kansas City Chiefs. That's the type of unprecedented football madness that will make next year's fantasy football draft boards and the NFL Playoff Schedule a bit different. Charles went berserk (and lucky) versus the Broncos yesterday, gaining the rarely done 10-yards-per-carry average on a day when he cap his game with 25 carries. He topped it all with 259 yards,totalling his coverage over 1,000 yards for the season in a year where he was not able to average more than six carries a game until they hit Week 10. That's sick.

Derrick Johnson, Linebacker, Kansas City Chiefs. Two Chiefs? That's correct, two Chiefs made the top three. Johnson intercepted Kyle Orton TWICE, and deliver them both to the flush for six. Or maybe it was twelve,. Defensive players who are capable of scoring are rare gems and he is no exception, which makes him a very strong candidate for the MVP.