Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fresh News From NFL and MLB

The list of the NFL undrafted free agents is rapidly growing. It is quite hard for team managements to sign players that, though skillful, are viewed as liabilities than assets. The San Francisco 49ers are also having a hard time to look at their list to see who would eventually become a part of their team and who would get the boot.

Here is a comprehensive list of the 49ers undrafted players:
Shay Hodge, WR, Ole Miss
Scott Long, WR, Louisville
Chris Maragos, S, UW
Patrick Stoudamire, DB, W. Illinois
Jared Perry, WR, Missouri
Jarrett Brown, QB, WVU Le
LeRoy Vann, KR, FAMU
Mike Balogun, LB, Oklahoma
Tramaine Brock, DB, Belhaven
Keaton Kristick, OLB, Oregon State
On the baseball field, the Tampa Bay Rays gave the New York Yankees a quick yet clinical but brash dose of some good old baseball action. Those whose handicaps have cost them more than a dime, it is high time they calculate their odds using a baseball whip.
The Tampa Bay victory over the Yankees has definitely altered the universal Odds to win the World Series. Coming in highly favored against the Rays, the New York Yankees may have lost a slight of its edge en route to the World Series. But it would be foolish to discount the Yankees.
That said, the Rays were blazing hot; filling the bases and stealing points and hitting home runs. Simply put, the Rays’ five-man rotation is unbeatable and New York Yankees basically fell prey to the Rays.
Odds say the Rays will be in the World Series. Who’s there to argue?