Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Player Movements in the NFL

A number of players in the NFL are getting shuffled throughout the league and this might be vital in making the right bets. Here are some of the movements of players happening recently in the National Football League.

New York Jets defensive tackle Kris Jenkins’ return is short-lived as he extensively injured his left knee in the opening game against the Baltimore Ravens. Jenkins, who is coming off from a left knee surgery, will sit the rest of the season out due to a torn anterior cruciate ligament. It really does sucks to Jenkins right now.

Jenkins is not alone of the injured list. Green Bay Packers running back Ryan Grant is also out for the season after suffering a right ankle injury. It would be hard on the Packers as Grant ran a total of 1,200 yards in each of the last two seasons. Grant was hurt in a victory game over the Philadelphia Eagles.

New York Giants has recently added tight end Bear Pascoe to fill in for Kevin Boss. The move also prompted Giants to release third-year linebacker Bryan Kehl.

These player movements will certainly have an effect on how the NFL tourney this year will turn out, especially on the betting part. Bettors and bookers would want to really stay on top of the betting game and the improved NFL Betting System by Allen Eastman will definitely put you on top of the NFL Betting scene.

Allen Eastman’s “99 system” has proven to be an effective betting planner for the last two years.

For the past 2 years the system has gone and incredible 50-21 (70%) and last year alone 27-13 this for +63.5 Units and around $5,600 in profit for $100 bettors.  This year he’s at it again with last week being his official start.  Last week the system went 3-1 +$900 for $100 bettors.