Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Advanced Badminton Techniques

The Chinese again bested every other nationality and dominated badminton in a very convincing fashion. There is nothing new, really. They have been going at it ever since I can remember. But the thing is, now that Lin Dan and crew are yet to be edged from their tops spots, everybody seems adamant on beating China. As they say, beating China means beating the best.

But beating, much less giving Chinese shuttlers hell before they win sets, matches, and gold medals, is a hard thing to do. The Chinese government has been training their players long before they were old enough to stand (clearly an exaggeration), badminton athletes included. Experience-wise, Chinamen are already packed with that. The Chinese also have built-in, in-born, inbred, and genetic gifts of agility, speed, and total body strength. All of which are clearly indicated by the numerous kung-fu films the country has been dishing the world.

But fret not. China’s badminton is still beatable. But it will take some practice, hard work, dedication, drive, and years (if not lifetimes) of experience. Add to the cart this book, too – Advanced Badminton Techniques. It has everything that is badminton simplified! I kid you not.

Advanced Badminton Techniques is written by a, err, well, a veteran of the game. So pretty much everything secret regimen and routine those overzealous athletes have been doing for. Maybe reading this book by Butch Oreta will probably improve your game. As for me, I’ll just stick to smashing and dropping.