Friday, August 29, 2008

Fight's On

And so the speculations end. Lightweight champion Manny ‘The PacMan’ Pacquiao will finally exchange punches with the Golden Boy of boxing, Oscar De La Hoya. The two are separated by two divisions and have agreed to meet at 147 lbs. Now that monetary issues are dealt with, the question every boxing fan wants answered is: Who can best who?

If I were to bet between the two, my money goes to Oscar, though I am pretty much Filipino and a certified Pacquiao fan. Oscar is bigger and taller, two advantages that can keep Pacquiao at bay. Although Pacquiao’s hand speed is a true killer, Oscar might probably be able to withstand the Filipino slugger’s punching power.

That said, I do not undermine Pacquiao’s boxing gifts and skills. He is a pugilist with a knack of making flurries of punches in a matter of nanoseconds. Pack those barrages with the power of a freight train running at top speed, you got a small man with hands of sledgehammers.

Before his title fight with Diaz, a lot of people were skeptic about Pacquiao maintaining the same power while climbing the weights. Evidently, he lost none when he battled Diaz. But then, Pacquiao will have to raise the scales to a fight in a division where he has never fought before.

Who can best who? On one corner, a 5’6” Filipino boxer who started his career at 106 lbs and have lorded over elite boxers like Marco Antonio Barerra, Erik Morales, and Juan Manuel Marquez, and currently the reigning WBC Lightweight champion and Ring’s #1 Pound-for-Pound. On the other corner, a veteran of the boxing ring with scars and glories of his incredible run and already a legend by any standards.

The best will be named on December 6.


Pete Nordsted said...


Great to see a blog that covers boxing and i have added a link at my blog.

This should be a great fight and for what its worth I am siding with the Pacman. However, hats off to the Golden boy how he keeps his motivation going is beyond me. It should be a great night.

Pete Nordsted

Kerry Rittenhouse said...


I do believe this will be a great fight but I think the height factor will come into play. Pacquiao is a strong puncher but Golden Boy has wit and guile on his side, though Pac has more fights than he does.

thanks for the comment and add once again.