Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bronze Medal Rejected by Wrestler

Bitter Swede wrestler Ara Abrahamian rejected his bronze medal and left it at the center of the wrestling mat during the awarding ceremony in an iron act of defiance. Abrahamian said he wanted the gold but his efforts were cut short due to bad officiating, which his coach deemed as ‘politics’ in the world of sport.

The 2004 Athens Olympics silver medalist was defeated by Italian Andrea Minguzzi in a semi-final bout after the judges decided in favor of the Minguzzi. Angry shouts erupted from the stands after the said match.

The International Olympic Committee will set a hearing for Abrahamian for his unsportsman-like conduct and will probably strip him of his medal should the hearing committee finds Abrahamian’s explanations insufficient. Abrahamian declared he does not care about the bronze and that he will retire from Greco-Roman wrestling.

Minguzzi, who went on to win the gold, said Abrahamian’s walkout kinda spoiled the ceremony for him.

Good call for Abrahamian.