Sunday, August 17, 2008

China Still Rules the Taraflex

As much as I hate to admit it, China still remains a juggernaut in the sport of badminton. I was rooting for the Brits (Gail Emms, specifically) to win at least one gold in the said even but Lin Dan and his crew of shuttlers proved to be much skillful and more enthusiastic. But I think their winning has got something more to do than playing in their own turf and the crowd rallying behind them, though that seems to be the case here. But what is important to remember is that Asians lord the sport.

The Britons may have invented it, but we (I mean us, Asians) rule it in a godlike fashion.

Most Asians are not born with the height advantage in contrast with their European and American counterparts. But such lack, if it is a lack at all, is compensated with speed, agility, and drive to succeed. In the world of badminton, China is our projected image. As much as I wanted for the Brits to emerge victorious, I can’t help but be proud that China bulldozed their way to the podium against the best smashers the world has thrown at them.

Congratulations to Team China:

Lin Dan – Gold (Men’s Single)

Zhang Ning – Gold (Women’s Single)

He Hanbin and Yu Yang – Gold (Mixed Doubles)

Du Jing and Yu Yang – Gold (Women’s Doubles)