Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In The Defense of Team Spain

Much hype has surrounded the “scandalous” Olympic-themed photo that features Spain’s basketball contingent to the Beijing Olympics. Many people find the picture offensive and demeaning to the China. Others find it racist. Personally, I see it as a team who were just having fun with the camera. There’s nothing wrong with the picture. Absolutely nothing.

Instead, the picture pokes friendliness. A forthcoming gesture of the coming event that was to be held at China. I, for one, thought it was very appropriate. Them playing in Chinese ground and all.

One has to ask himself, “How was it racist?”

At best, the whole controversy surrounding the picture is magnified by accusations that are taken out of proportion. Funny, it seems that the Chinese people never uttered a single word in offense, nor offense was ever taken at all. If there is anyone out there who have the more right to be angry about the whole deal, it has to be the Chinese. But they never fired flak in retaliation.

Media outlets from the UK and the United States fueled the flame and turned a simple act of innocence and friendliness into a racial attack, according to Spain’s major media outfits. I personally agree. Who, then, is more racist?