Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Suns Finds Nash's Helper

I love Steve Nash to the death and have prayed fervently for him to win a championship before he hangs his jersey and call it quits. But so far, bad luck has plagued him all throughout his career with the Phoenix Suns. It is with the Suns that he rose to perennial point guard status and won back-to-back MVP accolades. But he is still yet to win his first championship.

The problem with the Suns is that they rely too much on their starters. Though they have good players from the bench, I say there are only three of them that can really perform when called into action. I hate to admit this but the Suns pockets are not that deep. Especially at the point guard position. Honestly, Barbosa cannot play point. He can score, but he can’t lead.

In comes Goran Dragic. The nippy winger from Slovenia will be signed by the Suns by mid-Spetember and is groomed to be Nash’s backup. I have not seen Dragic play. I’m still looking for clips of his games. But from what I have gathered, this Dragic guy can be the element the Suns needs. Better yet, Nash needs.

If the Suns management went abroad to look for a backup, that means Dragic can be a real deal.

Nash is getting slower and older by the minute and time is running out for him. I hate to see him go without a championship ring, though he is already a legend.