Sunday, August 17, 2008

Phelps Breaks Spitz's Record!

American Olympic swimmer Mike Phelps has finally done it!

After a series of swimming events, Phelps finally broke the standing record he himself established in the 2004 Athens Olympics en route to his eighth Gold medal. He even broke the long-existing 7-Gold medal tallied in a single Olympic event formerly held by swimmer Mark Spitz for 36 years, which he made in the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Spitz describe the record-breaking moment in a single word: Epic. Spitz contemplated the win and concluded that everybody can best anybody. For him, his reign as the greatest swimmer who ever lived was a great run and he is happy to know that somebody broke his record before his time.

“It gets you to think that you are no longer the best,” Spitz said. Spitz also reacted as to why the Olympic Comittee did not invite him the games . The whole sporting world knew Phelps was going to break the record , why was Spitz left out?

"It was DEMEANING to me."

"But I am ecstatic about Phelps breaking my record," Spitz added. "He kinda reminds me of myself."

With the win, Phelps is heralded as the Greatest Olympian of All Time. The 23-year old native swimmer from Baltimore, Maryland even surprised himself.