Monday, August 18, 2008

US Big Men Tower Over Nowitzki and Germany

As expected, Team USA blasted Team Germany in a very dominating 106-57 victory yesterday. But while many anticipated that LeBron James and Kobe Bryant were the ones heavily responsible, think again. It was the towers who powered the Redeem Team’s steamrolling performance.

Dwight Howard led Team USA with a double-double performance, 22 points and 10 rebounds. Chris Bosh also gave a lot of energy against Germany, dominating the boards and posed an intimidating defensive presence inside the paint. James scored 16 while Bryant had 13.

No doubt the Dream Team is a juggernaut. But there might be chinks in their armor, per se. Up next is Team Australia, the only team they cannot blow out and the only team that flatten Lithuania, the remaining unbeaten. Another thing is that Team USA is made mostly composed of pure scorers and are likely to get in each other’s way once the game starts rolling. It was evident yesterday when Chris Paul lobbed the ball for an alley-oop which James and Dwyane Wade tried to finish. James leapt higher and finish with an emphatic dunk.

Dirk Nowitzki only managed 14, while center Chris Kaman of the Los Angeles Clippers poured in 6. Kaman joined Team Germany last summer after receiving his German citizenship.