Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Asheville's Tower of Power

Judging by the size of this man, 7’7 Kenny George is pure basketball material. He already made records in his school, University of North Carolina-Asheville, in terms of scoring, rebounds, and blocks. Basing from his performance today, his ticket the pros is already purchased with the added benefits.

But his gigantic physique is also the cause of most of his burdens. He cannot drive a car since he can’t fit into the driver’s seat. His father has to drive some 700 miles from their hometown in Chicago to fetch him when the semester ends so he won’t have to force himself into an airplane seat. Despite the drawbacks present in big men, young George seems to take it all in a stride.

“I don’t hate it, but there are times I wish that I weren’t so tall,” George said.

George grew up with his father, Kenny, Sr. His parents parted ways when he was still 2 years old. Though there is an obvious lack of a mother in his life, Kenny Sr. does a fine job raising George.

Being very tall also poses health concerns for George. Strains on the knees and back pains are just several of his constant complaints. He even might miss another season because his foot needed surgical attention due to an infection.

Facing a possibility of entering a season without its best player, UNC-Asheville has, in their coach’s own words, “have to learn to play with him and without him.”

But the most dramatic thing about this young center, whose career in the NBA is already guaranteed, is that George plans to pursue a career in the film and movie industry. When he first arrived at Asheville, basketball was not his main concern. Instead he brought with him sketchbooks, story boards, and movie ideas.

If NBA is not for him, perhaps the world’s biggest movie producer will suit his frame just nicely.


Martin Bolima said...

big kenny george was the exact same guy that was posterized by UNC forward Tyler Hansbrough...

george is quite a specimen, and with his height, he will surely get attention from NBA scouts..but i think he isn't NBA-ready yet.. he's too slow, too flat-footed, and too unathletic..besides, he doesn't have a real good post game.. if he was that good, he should have been a player-of-the-year candidate last year.. he wasn't..

anyways, keep blogging about sports..olats mga pinoy sportswriter e.. there should be more sports bloggers..if you have time, visit my site, too.. i plan on making it a sports blog din e.. maybe we and other sports bloggers can start real sports blogging in the philippines..para may in-depth forum tayo on everything sports

Kerry Rittenhouse said...

I think the reason he did not made the Player of the Year's list of nominees is his constant absence from teh court. Though I do not deny that George is kinda slow, he is somewhat tailored for the NBA.
He still has some roughness on the edges and does need some polishing in terms of inside game. But give or take 2-3 years with the pros and the right training, he can be NBA's most celebrated center.
That said, he still has a lot ot learn.

Don said...

Interesting blog you got here.

Saw this link from my friend Martin's site.

Anyway I would have to agree with his assessment about Kenny George.
NBA history shows that apart from Houston Rocket's Yao Ming, most players beyond 7'4'" went on to have pedestrian careers. Their most common problem is being flat-footed. This makes them common targets of the NBAs hordes of high leapers, which often leaves them at the wrong end of dunks. In short, he is a poster waiting to happen.

Their second problem is that their big bodies simply are not made for basketball. Running with all that weight is simply too heavy a burden for their lower extremities.

You said so yourself that the big guy has been plagued by injuries during his short career. Imagine him playing one whole season in the NBA, where the season is longer and the opponents are physically superior than college guys.

With his size, there will be takers for sure. Can't teach height right? But I guess he'll be more a role player in the big league rather than next dominant big in the league.

Kerry Rittenhouse said...

Hello Don, nice of you to drop by. Anyway, I do agree he has a bull's eye for posterization. But he need not to be dominating. He just need to score and defend.
Flyers may fish fouls from him but give him experience, Im sure he'll do just fine.