Monday, September 8, 2008

High School Athletes and the Internet

Talented high school athletes must understand that college recruiting is a serious step towards either their athletic advancement or sport profession. However, chances of getting scouted by college recruiters depend on the amount of exposure high school athletes are getting, which includes media. Not to mention their school’s popularity.

Athletes who come from prestigious high schools seem to have the upper hand on the media thingy, especially when they have their games aired by huge sports channels. Athletes from unknown schools have to work hard for some exposure. Egging college recruiters to watch high school sports live in these schools can be a tough job.

That said, it is truly marvelous when one thinks how the Internet and the concept of mobile information can help the said athletes gain tremendous amount exposure just by getting their college recruiting video pasted all over the Web. Social media sites and cyber groups, specifically sports video websites and athlete circles, can also help in generating a lot of interest just by passing the word and the action in cyberspace.

Gone are the days when unheralded high school athletes have to send out letters and video reels to get college scouts’ and recruiters’ attention. With a little help from the World Wide Web, getting some amount of exposure and attention is relatively quite easy.