Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Itching for Pacman-JMM III

Should there be a Pacquiao-Marquez III? Perhaps the most asked question in the boxing world after Marquez devastatingly grabbed the Ring’s lightweight belt from Joel Casamayor last Saturday, I think there should be a third match to settle the score and end all speculations.

For starters, the first fight was a draw. Forget the 3 knockdowns Pacquiao gave Marquez in the first round. JMM effectively counterpunched his way most of the bout. I personally think the draw was the best decision for such a fight.

The second fight also seemed like a draw, until Pacman downed Marquez at the fifth. The second match was so close that both fighters seem to be on almost equal level. Though Pacquiao deserve the victory in the second match, the results are still too close to name who among the two is the best boxer.

Both have debuted with a bang in the lightweight division, but obviously JMM took out the most challenging prospect. David Diaz, whom Pacquiao knocked out in their last fight, was the softest mark among lightweight champions. Joel Casamayor, on the other hand, was among the toughest in the ranks.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a Pacman fan for life, but I have to neutral as well. Certainly, a rubber match between Pac and JMM should be in order, whether or not Pac wins against Golden Boy this coming December 6.


Martin Bolima said...

read this link, you may find it interesting since you're a self-confessed pacquiao fan..


for the record, i actually believe that the first fight was a draw and that marquez won the second fight against pacquiao..people make so much fuss about manny knocking down marquez, but the fact is, marquez outboxed pacquiao in both fights.. that said, i don't think the two fights answered the question on who's better betweeen the two..so yes, i agree with you that a third fight should happen..

sadly, i don't think it will.. pacquiao talks a tough game, but i honestly think that he doesn't want to fight marquez again..

Kerry Rittenhouse said...

the first fight was a draw. that we both concur. the second one goes to pacquiao, as both were pretty even in the scorecards (or as I think). The knockdown made the difference. That said, the second bout could have gone either way. It was that close.