Monday, September 15, 2008

Spotting a Fake Yonex Racket

Badminton is increasing its popularity share here in my native Philippines, as evidenced by badminton centers sprouting out overnight like patches of inedible mushrooms and the number of individuals frequenting these places. Without a doubt, badminton is certainly not a fad that will go away in time.

That said, cons are taking advantage of people who love badminton but know so little of the equipment. Counterfeited Yonex rackets are all around, even at legitimate sporting goods stores. Which is why I, a badminton enthusiast myself, will share some tips on how to spot a fake Yonex from the real deal:

A real Yonex racket is longer than the regular racket, measuring at 674 cm. The fake Yonex is falls short ranging from 10 cm and above;

Fake Yonex rackets have uneven paint jobs. This should not be difficult to spot;

A real Yonex racket has individual grommets. Fake rackets use grommets that are cut from tubes;

· The bag also helps. A real Yonex badminton cover has texts in silver and gold;

· Look out for misspelled words. Fake rackets have ‘Tatanium’ written all over the racket;

Serial numbers are engraved on the joint. Counterfeit rackets have them printed.

Though most sellers offer fake badminton rackets for a much lower price, they are not worth your money. Fake items, in general, uses low grade materials, making them unreliable and easy to break. For those who plan to shell some cash on a badminton racket, it is best that you get that from reliable sporting goods stores.

Buying a racket should be long-term investment, so invest wisely.