Sunday, September 14, 2008

JMM Beats Casamayor to the Pulp

Juan Manuel Marquez from Mexico successfully edged Joel Casamayor for the Ring Magazine’s lightweight crown. JMM, whose record now stands at 49-4-1, 36 KOs, proved to be a durable fighter against a hard punching Casamayor, 36-4-1, 22 KOs. After a fast-paced exchange of counters and jabs, both men slowed down by the third, picking their shots from the distance.

Casamayor unleashed most of the punches, including power shots, but JMM was more precise with his bombs, landing them where they hurt most. Casamayor was able to stage a great stand against JMM, even managed to stagger the Mexican star with a hard left. But JMM was able to whip counter punching combinations.

At the 11th, in flurries of exchanges, JMM’s right caught Casamayor on the chin, sending him to the canvass. He got up, but this time, JMM’s punches were like homing rockets, detonating with bangs when it reaches Casamayor’s body. Casamayor went down the second time, at which referee Tony Weeks stepped in to stop the bout. Casamayor was finally stopped for the first time in his illustrious boxing career.

The Guzman-Campbell bout was canceled at Guzman's request, stating he was not healthy to fight and was dehydrated in attempt to make the weight, in which Guzman failed as well. Campbell and promoter Don King were disappointed with the decision. Both men believed that Guzman should have fought Campbell even if Guzman was over the designated mark.


Martin Bolima said...

I've always maintained that Juan Manuel Marquez is the most underappreciated star in boxing today.. his convincing win against casamayor just proved it.. he KOed a game, skilled, and savvy veteran who had never been stopped before.. this was a tour de force from's just a shame that our very own manny pacquiao seems to be ducking marquez..

as for guzman, it's a pity that he got a little too big (literally and figuratively) for his own right

Kerry Rittenhouse said...

I agree with you. PacMan seems to be avoiding Marquez. JMM has fought the best and I think he deserves a third match with Pacquiao just to settle the score. Especially now that JMM is Ring's official lightweight champ.

But a third JMM-PacMan bout is highly unlikely even if Pac wins against De La Hoya, if they let money do all the talking.