Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Speed Will Kill

A lot of boxing analysis and sports reviews have predicted a Golden Boy victory over The Pacman in their December 6 Dream Match bout at Las Vegas. No doubt that the boxing fans will be having the night (or day) of their lives as they will witness two of boxing’s greatest icons go at it. But with the visible advantages the Oscar Dela Hoya has, are they enough to say that he will win?

Latest boxing sports news have reported that a lot of boxing enthusiasts, even Filipinos, have deemed that Manny Pacquiao will be fighting at a great disadvantage, despite Roach’s obvious confidence that Pacquiao maintains the speed factor. But then, a Pacquiao upset is very much possible. Here’s why.

Pacquiao is much quicker than Dela Hoya. Age is also a factor here, ladies and gents. With Oscar as the more aged of the two come fight night, he is slated to be slower and less agile than the Pacman, who as we all know is a speed demon. Though it is a given that Pacquiao will lose some amount of that quickness since he is climbing the weight ladder, the loss will not be that significant.

If Pacquiao can still be Speedy Gonzales by the time they step in the ring, he can duck and dodge Golden Boy’s power bombs and go insider and do major body damage. If Pacquiao keeps battering Golden Boy’s body while closing the gap, then he has a good chance of winning the bout.

Pacquiao must press closer since Golden Boy has the reach and height advantage, making Oscar a threat from the distance. Zeroing the gap renders the reach and height favorability useless.