Friday, October 10, 2008

2009 NBA Preseason Injuries

Now that the NBA season opener is at hand, here are some of the players that went down with the unfortunate turn of events. Some of these players matter, some won’t.

Vince Carter got his hamstring pulled real good during the preseason game against the Miami Heat in Paris. Though Carter was out by the second quarter, the Nets beat the Miami Heat, 100-98, in overtime. Though the hamstring injury was not that serious, Carter is slated to be out for most of the 2008-09 season.

Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets got his finger slapped by a teammate during practice in an attempt to steal the ball. Suffering from a finger contusion, Melo will sit out the preseason opener against the Phoenix Suns this Saturday.

Portland Trailblazers point guard Martell Webster is still recovering from the stress fracture on his left foot. His doctor already installed the fifth metatarsal bone of Webster's left foot as part of surgery. He is not expected to play until Christmas.

DJ White of the OKC Thunder will sit out from the game for 4 to 6 months as he needs to under surgery for the benign tumor growing in his jaw. White will undergo a bone graft surgery to mend the bone in his jaw.

Center Jamaal Magloire of the Miami Heat broke his left hand, specifically his third metacarpal, during the 100-98 loss to the Nets.

Veteran center Brendan Haywood is suffering from a torn ligament in his right wrist and is slated to have a surgery. The Wizards will play without Haywood for 4 to 6 months. Also, Wizards’ Antawn Jamison has a right knee contusion. He got the injury during the first quarter against their preseason game against Dallas.

Other injured players:

Carlos Boozer, Utah Jazz – sore left hamstring

Kurt Thomas, San Antonio Spurs – left hamstring strain

Salim Stoudamire, San Antonio Spurs – right groin strain

Ian Mahinmi, San Antonio Spurs – sprained right ankle

Amare Stoudamire, Phoenix Suns – eye injury