Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pacquiao-Dela Hoya Fight: Another Post

With just less than two months to go, tickets for the Pacquiao-Dela Hoya Fight, dubbed The Dream Match, are already sold out. Both fighters are no doubt training hard for this match – the Golden Boy up in the mountains for high-altitude training while the PacMan is using every floor space of Roach’s Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles to prepare.

The Dream Match is going to be an explosive affair, as the best pound-for-pound fighter with nothing to lose and everything to gain will exchange knuckles with the most popular boxer in the world. I mentioned before that there a lot of odds favoring Dela Hoya in this bout. I still hold on to that notion that Oscar will have the aces up in his sleeve for this one, but I do not count Pacquiao out.

There are still no updates regarding both fighters’ training, as if some media silence is issued out to prevent any leak from one camp to the other and vice versa. The last news on Pacquiao is that he is training and sparring with larger, high caliber boxer from heavier divisions, to help him condition himself in fighting a bigger guy.

Whether or not his kind of training will help him get past Dela Hoya and onward to become a boxing legend is not yet known. December 6 is already a marked date. The answer will reveal itself by that time.