Monday, October 13, 2008

Will The Suns Shine Brighter?

I watched the Phoenix Suns-Denver Nuggets preseason game last Saturday and I guess I was fixated on the game style the Suns were running. They were not running.

No Steve Nash streaking from coast to coast and making passes with pure wizardry. No Amare Stoudemire to finish the fast break strong (he is still recovering from his eye injury as of this writing). No rocket fuel. No high octane blitz.

It took me a while to fully understand that the Suns have shifted from a pure offensive team to a balanced and well-rounded team with more inclination towards defense. It is safe to say that I am not along with the notion that the running and gunning Phoenix Suns was a great team to watch.

The final score, 77-72 in favor of Denver, was a shocker, even though Suns coach Terry Porter told people that the scoring average will drop. A lot. 72 points. That's 30 points less than the Suns’ average the previous season. We are JUST not used to that.

Of course, this was a preseason game and Terry Porter can do some fine tuning before the 2009 season begins. The new guys showed a lot potential, especially Matt Barnes, Robin Lopez, and point guard sensation Goran Dragic.

As for Porter, his zeal to transform a very offensive minded team into a defense powerhouse is a very risky move. But was his decision right after the loss to Denver? Some might say it was a wrong move to make. But it doesn’t mean Porter’s wrong. He still have a whole season to prove himself.

As for the Phoenix fans, better start getting used to low scoring average this season.


Chuckypita said...

I'm not seeing the Phoenix Suns do so hot again this season.

Here's 2 simple words for you: