Monday, April 19, 2010

Nowitzki, Artest Make West an Interesting Playoffs Pool

The first round of the NBA playoffs showcased a lot of great moments for the stellar and non-stellar players alike. Dallas Mavericks, in their first meeting against their bitter rivals, the San Antonio Spurs, did came out with a bang as the Mavs went on to score 100-94. But more impressive is the 32-year old Dirk Nowitzki. The German-born NBA superstar made all but two of his 14 attempts at the basket and never missed any of his 12 free throws.

But do expect the Spurs to rally with a strong comeback, as they always do. If basketball is an everyday affair, it might be best that fans get their NBA tickets as early as possible. The Spurs and the Mavericks are just a couple of the best reason why they should.

On the same conference, Ron Artest displayed a shade of Dennis Rodman when he shut down Oklahoma Thunder’s scoring leader, Kevin Durant. In a very imposing play of basketball defense, Artest held Durant so good that the latter only scored 7 out of 24 shots. If this goes any further, expect the Lakers to start another title run.