Monday, April 19, 2010

Three Bucks Say Mosley Will Win

A number of people are not giving Shane Mosley much of a chance to win in his upcoming bout against former world champion and pound-for-pound Floyd Mayweather, Jr. From the common men in the streets to the gurus of the sport, majority says that Mosley just don’t have it to beat Mayweather.

One of those people is Freddie Roach, mentor of seven-division champion Manny Pacquiao.

“I think Mayweather would outbox him. I think Mayweather would win that fight. It’s a very competitive, good fight,” the four-time BWAA Trainer of the Year recipient said. But he also made clear that he wants Mosley to win.

Roach would go on and say that Mosley prefers to have his opponents come to him and not the other way around. Against Mayweather, Mosley is expected to do the opposite. And chasing Mayweather has its pitfalls for the pursuer.

No matter how boring Mayweather’s style of boxing is, he has won all his 40 bouts. Mosley seeks to end that streak. A herculean task for the third boxer to be endowed with the moniker “Sugar,” but Mosley can get the job done. Chances may be slim, but he can probably pull an upset and then square off with the other top dog of the welterweight division, Pacquiao.

Shane Mosley is the first elite welterweight Money May will face. 

If people would really think about it, the last time Mayweather fought against a legitimate welter was almost four years ago, against Carlo Baldomir. And while Baldomir is a true welterweight, he is not and will never be in the top echelon of the said division.

If you look at Mosley, the guy is not a mere paper titleholder of the house, he is the MAN. Whether you have Pacquiao in the top spot at welterweight, Mosley is the lineal champion and that alone is a clear indication of how elite he is.

As far as skills are concerned, Mosley may not be overwhelmingly gifted in contrast with his next opponent, but he has the power, the experience, and the physical attributes to make it an interesting matchup.

Shane Mosley is the hungrier of the two. 

Both boxers say they are out to fight with the best. Of this, only Mosley can backup with his resume. He has fought a prime Oscar Dela Hoya, Vernon Forrest, Fernando Vargas, Miguel Cotto, and Antonio Margarito (who was avoided by many prior to the controversial hand wraps issue). After the Margarito bout, no one seemed to want to share the ring with him.

The long absence from the ring has no doubt added fuel to his hunger of proving that he is still the best and his record shows that he is more than willing to fight with the best. If hunger is a huge motivation, Mosley will destroy Mayweather for sure.

Shane’s age will come in to play. 

At 38 years old, Mosley is no doubt in the twilight of his career and is seeking a few more fights to notch on his belt. Many would say that his skills have eroded through the years and the long layoff will certainly affect his performance on May 1st. That said, it would be so wrong to write Mosley off because of his age.

When he fought Margarito last year, many boxing analysts assumed that his age will put him at a big disadvantage. Mosley, old as he may be, did not look like a 37-year old when he pummeled the Mexican into submission. If history does repeat itself, it may very well on May 1st.

If Mayweather thinks he is fighting an old man, he might be in for a surprise.

Taken from 8 Count News.