Friday, July 2, 2010

Why is Everybody World Cup Crazy?

 Seriously, why is everyone so hyped up in a sporting event that does not even entail the whole world to begin with? Let me count 5 good reasons and hopefully make a very careful analysis on each reason.

Reason #1: Everybody is crazy about balls. This fascination with balls dates back to the olden times. Romans like balls made of iron and that has spikes to it. Ancient Greeks pretty much love to throw heavy balls to see how far they can throw them around. Basically. It’s a guy thing. For women, it is pretty obvious why they love balls. They do even have a couple of orbs that they can use to manipulate men, but I will not delve into that kind of balling.

Reason #2: When a player scores a goal, it is a perfect excuse to go crazy, like taking off your shirt and punch the guy next to you. Perfectly a good excuse to start a brawl too.

Reason#3: People from other nations that do not have a team in World Cup can join too. Philippines for example. We do not have a very effective football theme but somehow, World Cup here has hit fever pitch. And I am pretty much certain the Philippine government has made some plans as to how to incorporate the World Cup spirit to achieve their goals, whatever that means.

Reason #4: We get to see naked women. Seriously, strip bets are around gents. Don’t know which bars though.

Reason #5: We are here to see nations we hate go down in flames! Blast Germany!