Monday, July 5, 2010

Which Nation Got The Hottest Soccer Babes?

Another comical question which is designed to provide contents for this blog, but nonetheless a very important query that every football locos must be able to answer with a certain degree of conviction. So without further ado, as I can easily top the 250-word requirement of this blogging platform, here are your answers.


Nothing beats Latina beauties of football fandom. And Brazilian soccer babes got the most potent combination of beauty and body. We don’t really need the brains, do we gentlemen?


Latinas still rule and Argentinean chickas come in at close second. Really, it would have been a tossup between  the Brazilians and them but Brazilians do invented the Brazilian wax. And so they got the close edge on nabbing the top slot.


Europeans are hot too. And German babes are the best. Why, you ask? German women drink beer like its water and still they retain their hotness. Expect beers to overflow and bosoms to show when their German lads score a goal. I just love Germans.


It is only fitting that the Chinese enter the World Cup because they are pretty much known for serious, internal hemorrhage-inducing kicks. But aside from that, the World will finally get to see Asian babes go wild when an Asian scores a goal.


They have to be in this list. After all, they do have a long line of fine babes willing to make statements in the stands. They just need to be here. All right, American gals who are crazy for football are hot than hell!